What is Wunder?

Wunder is the name of one of collector designs of Solimpeks. Marvel is another design name.

What do ALS, CLS, CLSF, CLS Meander, CNS and CNP mean?

The first letter is for absorber panel material such A is for aluminum and C is for copper. The next letter is for glass material such L is for Low Iron Temperered Glass and N is for Normal Iron Tempered Glass. The next describes that if the absorber is selective coated or black painted: S is selective and P is painted. We have some extras like F is for full face absorber, Meander is for Meander absorber with manifold.

What is TSM?

TSM is a general name of thermosiphon systems of Solimpeks which work the opposite way of traditional thermosiphon systems. Solimpeks is the pioneer on that hygienic thermosiphon idea.

What is a Volther Hybrid PV-T collector?

A PV-T collector is a combined assembly of a: PV module – for the conversion of electrical energy and a high efficiency flat plate solar collector – for the conversion of thermal energy.

What is Volther?

Volther is brand name of PV-T hybrid collectors produced by Solimpeks.

What maintenance is required?

No collector maintenance is required. There are no moving parts to wear out. All components are made from high-grade aluminium, copper or non-corrosive materials.

What is covered by the warranty?

Solimpeks provides 10-year product warranty for solar thermal collectors and PV-T panels, 5-year for TSM Systems, 10-year 90% efficiency warranty for PV and PV-T panels and 20-year 80% efficiency warranty for PV and PV-T panels.

What is the expected life of the solar thermal and PV-T collectors?

The useful life of the collectors is predicted to be 50 years or more.