Solikombi 300L

Solikombi 300L

•  There are 2 heat exchangers and 4 sleeves connected to the tank body in Solikombi boiler. The domestic water is instantly heated from the upper heat exchanger. The bottom heat exchanger is connected to solar energy to heat the inside of the tank. In the couplings connected to the boiler body, optionally, the water in the boiler can be heated by an external heater (heat pump, etc.) and used for heating supply.

•  Solikombi can store in 3 different versions at the same time according to system requirements. Solar energy + domestic hot water + Buffer tank

•  The hot water stored in the tank is used both for heating support and for heating domestic water.

•  The 2 heat exchangers in the boiler are made of Chrome-Nickel 316L stainless steel.

•  Since the domestic water is heated instantly from the heat exchanger, they are hygienic boilers where Legionella and other bacteria do not grow.

•  The domestic hot water heat exchanger made of Chrome-Nickel 316L stainless steel provides almost twice the surface area compared to rigid pipe applications. Larger surface area means better heat transfer capacity and higher efficiency.

•  Since the water stored in the tank is filled once, corrosion does not occur in any way. The anode rod and similar corrosion protection materials are not required. Maintenance work such as replacing the anode rod or cleaning the boiler is therefore not necessary.

•  Optionally can be operated with electric heater.

•  When choosing a solar heat source, this is the most  efficacious model

•  In order to minimize SOLIKOMBI heat losses, 300-500 liters of high-strength rigid polyurethane insulation material with a thickness of 50mm and a density of 40 kg/m³ is used. Sponge insulation with a density of 18 kg/m³ is used in 500-800 and 1000 lt.

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