Solibuffer 100L

Solibuffer 100L

• The Solibuffer tank body has four sleeves attached. The higher heat exchanger heats the domestic water instantaneously. Water can be heated by a heater (heat pump, boiler) and used in the heating supply through couplings linked to the boiler body.

• It increases the heat pump's life by stopping it from functioning continually.

• When the heat pump is in defrost mode, it prevents heat loss from the space to be heated.

• When choosing a non-solar heat source, this is the most efficient model.

• More than one heat source can be integrated into the Solibuffer boiler.

• Optionally, it can be operated with an electric heater.

• Easy installation thanks to its compact design.

• Anode rod and maintenance-free.

• To minimize SOLIBUFFER heat losses, 50-500 liters of high-strength rigid polyurethane insulation material with a thickness of 50mm and a density of 40 kg/m³ is used. Sponge insulation with an 18 kg/m³ density is used in 500-800 and 1000 lt.

Solibuffer Flyer