Spare Parts


Below is the range of our high performance and top quality solar spare parts and mounting kits. Our product range includes all the important solar spare parts required for domestic or industrial use. Whether you are looking for aluminum clamps, tank holder or profile connector, you can find here all.

  • Roof Flat
  • Roof Pitched
  • Roof Integration
  • Tank Holder
  • Roof Hook Painted
  • Roof Hoof Stainless Steel
  • Roof Hook Galvanized Steel
  • Aluminum Profile
  • Aluminum Profile with Holder
  • M8 Aluminum Clamps
  • Aluminum Profile Connector

Technical Specs

MA-02182510 Single
MA-02212510 Double
MA-02192108 Single
MA-02222108 Double
MA-02201808 Single
MA-2231808 Double
MA-0232PVT Single
MA-0443PVT Double
MA-01732510 Single
MA-01762510 Double
MA-01852510 Trible
MA-01742108 Single
MA-01772108 Double
MA-01751808 Single
MA-01781808 Double
MA-0182PVT Single
MA-0183PVT Double
TI-02292510 Single
TI-02302510 Double
TI-02312510 Trible
TI-02322510 Extra
TI-02332108 Single
TI-02342108 Double
TI-02352108 Trible
TI-02362108 Extra
TI-02371808 Single
TI-02381808 Double
TI-02391808 Triple
TI-02401808 Extra
TI-0245PowerVolt Single
TI-0246PowerVolt Double
TI-0247PowerVolt Triple
TI-0592PowerVolt Sestet
TI-0248PowerVolt Extra