Solimpeks has now doubled its production capacity

Solimpeks has now doubled its production capacity

Feb 29 2012

Solimpeks Energy Corp. is to be situated as the leading company of its kind in Turkey with the building of a brand new factory. Placed as one of the world’s foremost manufacturers in the Solar Energy sector, Solimpeks has now doubled its production capacity.

Before the change Solimpeks was producing in a factory of a closed area of 4.000sqm; now, with this latest expansion, the company is working within a closed area of 14.000sqm. The new factory is one of the largest in the world and one of the most technologically advanced in the Solar Industry. The target for 2013 is to become the leading manufacturer in Solar Energy products in the world.

With the expansion, Solimpeks has increased the production capacity of the solar collector, from 376.000sqm, to 750.000sqm.

The company will begin the production of a modern PV in April 2012 and until 2013 Solimpeks has earmarked 4.000.000 Euros to automation of production. The company now has its head office in Konya and offices in Kenya, Hungary, Spain, Germany, Australia, Mauritania.